A Taiwanese TV program, "Eco City: Seattle"

Interviewing with the developer of High Point Neighborhood

One of my favorite TV programs in Taiwan called "Our Island" will introduce Seattle's efforts on sustainability in two upcoming episodes next week. "Our Island" is an award winning program discussing environmental or social issues in Taiwan. Once in a while this program shows some foreign experiences to their audience. It's my pleasure that I was involved in their production and honored as one of their project consultants in their Seattle project this August. It was a very interesting experience. You will see a series of perfect scenes in a few second on TV. However, the interviewee might be asked to repeat something two or three times to fit the producer's needs. It's also a good chance for me to recall and reorganize my knowledge of urban planning in Seattle.

If you are in Taiwan, try to watch it at 10:00 pm in September 29th or a repeat at 10:00 am in October 4th. If not, I can show you the DVD and translate for you when we get together.

The website of Our Island and Eco City: Seattle

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